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Every additional year of investing experience has been convincing me more and more about the benefit of dynamic asset allocation. This page is dedicated to the valuation index (VI), the tool I have been using to implement dynamic asset allocation.

Project Sail

Asset classes follow the cycles of returns based on the macroeconomic backdrops and their fundamental attributes. If you can understand them, you can rotate your investments in a manner to reduce the volatility in your portfolio without impacting the returns. Project Sail is not just a back-test or a theoretical concept but our approach in real time scenario to learn, adapt and monitor to adjust. To know more, write to us or subscribe to the blog with your email address

Valuation Index helps us to adjust our sail in investing markets. Here is the latest level of VI.

From Jan 1, 2000 to Mar 29, 2023 (PE Series Adj for Standalone to Consolidated earnings)
As of Mar 29, 2023

Why should we look for Dynamic Asset Allocation?

What is Valuation Index?

Is Index PE relevant?

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