Askramji series ran during October to November 2018. This was aimed to address various common questions one has about their personal finances. There is no regular course in our education system, which prepares us for our financial journey. Most of us learn to manage our personal finances either by our own experience or through the help of our elders. This practice exposes us to various mistakes, either committed by elders and we repeat them or without knowing the repercussions we commit it. Hope these basic questions will help you avoid some mistakes and help you build a solid portfolio to make you financially successful over the time.

The information shared below covers various topics ranging from MF investing, Life & Medical Insurance, Gold investment options, Real estate investments and some do’s & Dont. Though these are not exhaustive and is limited, given the 1300 world limit to any LinkedIn post. Where relevant, I tried to add the links to direct towards complete write ups to give you more elaborated answers. Please speak to financial adviser or write to me if you need more color or information on any topic.

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