As we discussed in last article on “Net-worth” that where you stand at present now in this article we will try to measure that how many years we will take to become a billionaire in terms of our net-worth. Our growth of net-worth depends on following things:

  • What is our current income
  • The future growth expected for income
  • Line of expenses we have
  • Growth/returns  on our savings

Since most of us are salaried people our income is simply our take home component of salary plus any other source of incomes. For all of us our incomes are not going to be constant for the coming future of ours and will grow at a certain rate that will determine our future income.

This income is use to fund our list of expenses which will also rise at a rate of inflation and is estimated to be 6% per annum with time, these expenses will be more to do with our daily life needs. Some of our expenses are the ones which will not increase with inflation for example the loan EMIs like for our Home loan, Car loan, Personal Loan etc.

The most important part to become millionaire is not only growing income and controlled expenses but the returns you will generate on your investments the following sheet determines the rate at which you can become billionaire. Password is eduform4

Based on your current fund flow and Net-worth sheet will calculate your time frame after which you will become billionaire as well as what rate of return you should generate on your investments to become billionaire by 2030. Now start following articles on Investment options to understand how to get best returns on your investments. Happy dreaming to become Billionaire